10 Dec 2012
December 10, 2012

Let Turf Dogs Light Up the Night


Adding outdoor lighting can be a very intimidating process. That’s why Turf Dogs will stick with you every step of the way when you decide to change the mood of your home or office with outdoor lighting. We would like to make you aware of several different directions that you can take that will turn your residence or business from a dark scary hole in the neighborhood to a beautiful night-time head turner. Lighting will also make your home safer for your family by discouraging burglars or peeping toms from lurking, even when you aren’t there. Follow these guidelines and talk to a Turf Dog online or on the phone today.

There are different types of lighting that can be utilized to accent various areas of your home or business. You can light a path to guide the way, prevent tripping in uneven areas, or accent decorative patterns in the path. Deck lighting is a very popular method with clients who live near the water, and it works great for watercraft docks as well. There is a variety of outdoor hanging, wall mount, or pedestal lights that will make any outdoor room or deck area a well-lit gathering place with just the right atmosphere. Some of the most popular ways to utilize outdoor lighting are stake-lights and up-lights that can highlight certain areas of your house, landscaping, or even your beautiful, new, Turf Dogs-installed Japanese Willow Tree.

‘ Tis the season to hang lights on tall wobbly ladders, string miles of extension cords together, and trip the breaker at least 12 times before you get it right. Or it can be the season to make one phone call to Turf Dogs and watch us use the correct equipment, product, and safety precautions to make your house the envy of the neighborhood.

Outdoor areas that are frequently overlooked as a medium for lighting can sometimes become a striking focal point for your lighting scheme.  Underwater fixtures can take your pool from dark and murky to a gorgeous night time destination for friends and family. Fountains and ponds can be lit to add the finishing touches to your aqueous project. Who can forget about the hot tub when mood lighting is pinnacle?

Low Voltage lighting is safe, affordable, inexpensive to install and maintain, and makes your property look fantastic. Call a Turf Dog today to get more ideas for your home or office that will make people take a second and third glance.

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