02 Jul 2013
July 2, 2013

Landscaping with Rocks

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Do you want a new landscape design for your yard? Landscaping with rocks can enhance your yard and can easily be incorporated with water features, which is perfect for this time of year. Rocks and boulders can be used in many different features, from backyard waterfalls to pool areas to gardens!

Rocks can be used to enhance your entire landscape design. Popular ways to landscape with rocks include:

Pool Areas

You can use rocks for a unique poolside area. Create a mini waterfall that flows into the pool for a tropical or lagoon effect. Talk to a professional landscaping company about the look you want to achieve and they can help you decide best how to use the rocks.

Other Water Features

Do you have a backyard pond and want to add more to it? Or perhaps you want to add a new water feature to your yard like a little waterfall or stream. This is another great—and natural—way to landscape with rocks.


Many people use stone retaining walls, but if you want a more natural, rugged look with rocks, walls can serve that purpose as well. Expert tip: A rock wall naturally looks great near or next to a water feature like a waterfall or pond!


There are other ways to use rocks—such as along walkways or steps or even the driveway. Use some flowers or plants to add splashes of color and further enhance your landscape design.

Gardens & Softscapes

You can use rocks in your garden, mixed in with flowers, plants, and shrubs. Whether you want to use rocks or boulders in your garden, mixed in with softscapes along walkways or driveways, or anywhere else, it offers a very natural look.