04 Dec 2012
December 4, 2012

Turf Dogs Love to Play in the Snow

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It’s about to start snowing people, this is not a drill. Do you have a snow removal plan? Whether you are a homeowner in need of a quick dig-out, or you are looking to clear you commercial parking lot, Turf Dogs can solve your snow buried sorrows.

Snow can sneak up you.

It can be real chore to even make it to your vehicle on a freshly covered snowy morning. Ice can add a new dimension of terror to any normal sidewalk. Your customer’s safety while on your property is also a major concern as a responsible business owner. What about elderly people visiting your property? There are hundreds of products to help you solve your snow and ice issues. Salt is a great solution to melt snow and ice. Salt water will not freeze until the needle hits 15 on your thermometer, but what if it gets colder? There are ice melt products that induce exothermic reactions, and actually heat up, but some can damage your concrete sidewalk or driveway. Excess must be removed within certain time constraints or “pitting” can occur. This can undermine the “cure” of your concrete and ruin even the most solid pours.

Oh, we have the equipment.

We have the equipment, know how, and personnel to manage your property come rain, sleet, or massive amounts of snow. Take the guesswork out of getting rid of your snow, melting that dangerous ice, and keeping your property looking great, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Call Turf Dogs today, your Full Service Lawn and Landscape Service for a free quote! And if you don’t do that, you can push the little thumbs up button on our facebook page. It’s easy and it’s free!